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Value Stream Oriented - Holistic - Digital

Digital, Data Mining, Industry 4.0, cross-linked, Automation, Lean, Jidoka

Modern company management means: cross-linked, holistically, customer and value stream oriented.

The own organisation - under the preassure of skills shortages - as an essential element integrated into effective management and problem solving practices, supported by digital and Industry 4.0 applications.

It is about costs, quality and more than ever speed. It is not just about to react to the digital change, but also to guide the process in an active way.

The appropriate applications integrated into one management system deliver the pivotal advantages and hereby help to concentrate onto the essential.


Transformation - Continuity - Sustainability

Much is known, some already tried, the minority durable and sustainable established into the organisation.

The biggest challenge: the circle out of prioritisation, the allocation of resources being weak-handed to reduce losses as well as to guarantee the sustainability of the investment.

Which decisions have to be made, how transparent are these decisions and how do you communicate? Which influence has this onto the acceptance of managerial decisions and herewith onto the readiness of the entire team?

These are the core topics which will generate sustainability as well as continuity. It is not necessarily a need to employ own Lean-Resources or an internal Lean-Manager. The involvement, the facilitation and to claim the own organisation, added by the appropriate impulse, is the key to success. It is about organisational development along the value stream. I will help you to set up your organisation and management structures in a way that continious improvement will be sustainable. Step by step, transparent for all, budgetable.


Lean - Digitalisation - Six Sigma

Automatisation, Automation, Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, cross linked, Jidoka

Management- and method competency, Industrie 4.0 and digital applications integrated, the entire organisation embedded.

The connection of the "external preassure" to the processes of your own company - the connection of the value stream to the workforce who represent with their know-how aside your technology the value of your company.

The differentiation between the leading and lagging indicators to judge every single situation.

In accordance to your current set up I will work out with you (and additional partner if needed) your digital management foundation or the next steps towards Industry 4.0.

Lean Management

The Toyota Production System (TPS) has grown and proofed over decades as the management method - and this method can be extraordinarily successful.

Unfortunately, most companies fail with the implementation just gaining the threoretical knowledge and try or let try to implement TPS on that basis.  The major misunderstanding is to think to just distribute the principles and tools across the entire organisation and assume to achive a sustainable effect. As well as it is not necessarily the shop floor - the place where the company creates its value - the place where the implementation has to start.


Therefor the value stream on one hand and the entire organisation on the other hand is in focus and in a permanent comparison between the current state and the target state.


Something less recognised: in regard to the challanges of our time - digitalisation and Industry 4.0 - Lean Management ever incorporated solutions, both in the fundament of the House Of Lean as well as in its suppporting pillars. The key word here is Jidoka. Aside Hoshin Kanri, JIT and Kata one of the most important lean modules.

Industry 4.0

Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, Automation, Integration, Lean, Jidoka
Data Mining

Which data is needed?

In which way can this data

be collected?

How do I generate

information out of this?

How can my team be embedded?

Digitalisierung, Data Mining, Industrie 4.0, Vernetzung, Automation, Lean, Jidoka

Within which interfaces and systems?

In which range?

What do I have to put into account for future investments?

How can my team be embedded?

Automatisation, Automation, Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, cross linked, Jidoka


Which systems can be integrated?

Which level of automation is achiveable with existing or future systems?

How can my team be embedded?

Via the differentiation of leading and lagging indicator, data willl be generated and evaluated in a way that the information out of this will be the foundation of your decisions and your operational rhythms.

The usage and integration of machine generated data and product specific data, cross-linked with other systems, incorporated into the operational daily routines are state of the art.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is the project management methodology to solve complex and complicted problems. Certainly more time and resource consuming and therefore in need to be sensible used in selection to lean tools.

Starting with a clear definition and selection of the project content (Define) via measuring and collecting data and their static based evaluation (Measure und Analyse) over the definition of corrective actions (Improve) to the sustainability generating follow-up of the project results (Control), Six Sigma represents a closed project cycle with clearly defined content and deliverables.

Define  Measure  Analyse  Improve  Control


Curiosity - Creativity - Competence - Structur

Mathias Cremer, Engineer, Consultant:

Curious and open for everything new, build on the learned, developed with the help of the experience, outcome-oriented and sometimes unconventional.

More than 20 years of operational experience in different industries (chemistry, colours and paints, metal processing, mechanical engineering, extrusion, make to order and volume production), continuous training and the steady application of the learned - both, in direct operational responsibility as well as in staff positions - do help me and you to define the most productive way for your company.

The Crossing Company:

Overcome - Connect - Bridge

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